Monday, February 7, 2011

If You Believe in Yourself, You Still Can't Do That Much

One of the prevalent myths perpetuated by modern literature, music, and McDonald's commercials is that "if you only believe in yourself, anything is possible."  This, unfortunately, is not true.  And what's more, you know it isn't true.  If your cousin comes up and tells you she believes she can fly, do you excitedly go watch her hurl herself off of a cliff?  No!  You never let her near any drop longer than four feet again!

The truth is, so called "belief" in yourself is nothing more than delusion.  True, when athletes "believe" they can, they can jump a quarter-inch higher than otherwise.  But is that really significant?  Athletes think so, but these are the same people who buy "balance bracelets" and think that it is actually healthy to spend all of your time being steamrolled into the AstroTurf by 300-pound linemen.

The real way to accomplish your goals in life is to be realistic.  Set lower goals!  What does it matter, in the end, what you accomplish in this life?  The reality is that trying harder will do very little for you, and having faith in yourself will do even less.

Why save a world beyond saving when you could go buy some cheetos?
Why try to be perfect, an impossible goal, when the Simpsons is on?

The point is, your time is limited.  There is more pointless entertainment to indulge in than you can ever get through in your lifetime, so why would you spend time fooling yourself into thinking you can actually do anything significant in that time?

So make every moment count.  Get rid of the goals that you know you'll never really get around to, anyway.  Each new year, resolve to care a little less.  Take charge of every day the moment you wake up (as late as possible of course), and tell yourself carpe doritos!

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