Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Proactive Procrastination

You'll notice that there hasn't been a post for quite a while.  Entirely intentional.

It is a simple fact of life that all things become irrelevant with time.  Rome fell, and at the time is was a big deal, Romans likely bewailed their fates and cursed their leaders for making the mistakes leading up to this catastrophe.  But how do we treat it now?  We are mildly interested.  We try to take lessons and learn about people and empires.  And the Romans?  Dead.  Dead like they would have been, anyway.  By now, there is a snowball's chance in hell that any one of them would have survived.

What can we learn from the Romans?  What meant so much to them is merely a footnote in human history.  Only a dozen or so centuries later, and we barely care.  In a universe that is about 14 billion years old, it is no more than a blip, something that didn't even appreciably affect the orbits of comets and asteroids, much less the motion of stars.

What if one person could have made the choice to put some effort into something?  Who knows what... public works, government, whatever.  And what if that choice would have changed everything, given the Roman Empire four more centuries of ruling the world?

Would we really care?  We'd read history as disinterestedly as we do now.

Let's try something closer to home... the Cuban Missile Crisis.  What if we'd blown up the world?  Just given up and hucked the nukes back and forth until there were no more human beings?
Frankly, there'd be no one to care!

So what are you so worried about all day long?  What you do will not matter in the future.  Time heals all wounds, and time justifies all procrastination.

It is sometimes hard to put things off.  When you have trouble, ask yourself the following questions:
-In 1000 years, will anyone care whether I finished my work today?
-Will it matter to me in 50 years (if I'm even alive!) whether I give it my all today?
-How many people out of the billions in the world will even notice that I slacked off today, much less care?

Like it says in the Bible, (LOOK UP QUOTATION LATER).  Birds and lilies don't file their taxes on time, and you don't have to, either.

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